About Bored Inc.


We are Bored Inc. a mom / daughter design team based out of Los Angeles & Zürich. For over 20 years, we've been creating fun art to encourage creativity and imagination. Though we started our company with a focus on cute, kawaii style art, things shifted in 2017 and we found ourselves creating art that helped us express our values, politics, and frustrations with the world in its current state.

We named this new work, "Dissent Club", coined after our favorite feminist super-shero Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her famous dissents. Though initially intended as a side-project, we quickly realized that this was the type of imagery we were meant to be making. We haven't looked back since.

We hope our art helps you feel heard, empowered, connected, and hopeful. We want to introduce you to amazing individuals throughout history with our Sheroes & Heroes Collection. We want to help you express your values and ideals and spark important conversations. And we want to make products that help you and the important people in your life feel supported and lifted up, everyday.
We also give back, and try to make a difference with the products we make by donating a portion of our profits. Here's a list of the organizations we've supported so far (and hope to continue doing so):

​Thanks for standing with us, for being so uplifting and encouraging- every order makes us feel connected and hopeful in a world that can otherwise feel dark and hopeless. Together, we're stronger, and we stand with you in solidarity, hope, and love for the future.